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 Sub-Account Feature
 Posted: Apr 2 2012, 01:49 AM
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Sub-Account Feature

A How To Guide

Universal Initiative uses the sub-account feature, which has been permanently integrated into Jcink boards. We are making use of it here as it is a nifty way of switching between accounts rather than having to wait for three new page loads and remembering passwords! It takes a few simple steps to get all your accounts linked, and there should be no issues doing so!
    The first thing you should know is how to go about REGISTERING. When signing up for the first time on Universal Initiative you should register with the name you personally want to be known as (meaning an offline alias of some kind (i.e. Anna, Maverick, etc.)). This should be a name you will be called by everyone on the board out of character. Once you have registered with this account all you have to do is post in this thread and an administrator will switch your member group to PLAYER, which will allow you to use the sub-account feature.

    After completing registration and being switched over to the correct member group, you will register another account, which is the character you will be applying for. Please only register for one character as we only allow you to apply for one character at a time. Once you have finished registering your character's name, the fun part begins.

    The third step involves your Player account, which you should have switched back to at this time. Click on MY CONTROLS located just under the banner and navigation menu. Under your control panel on the left sidebar there will be a link that says EDIT SUB-ACCOUNTS. Click on this link and it will take you to a new menu.

    Linking to an existing account is as easy as logging in for the first on a board. You will input the Account Name as you have registered it, and will then put in the Account Password as you had typed it. Once you've finished filling in these two fields you click "Link This Account" and it will link.

    Your linked accounts will be listed above the fields you put account information into, and you can manage them from here.

    If a character is archived it will be left linked to your Player account but the name will have been changed. Inactivity over a span of three months (ninety days) will see the character account deleted if not reclaimed and brought back to active.

    Player accounts are only archived if there are no characters attached or all characters are archived for the ninety-day period.

    To switch between accounts all you have to do is click next to your name where it says "Switch Account" and it will change over for you.

    If you switch your account with an open post that you have yet to actually post, you will lose the content of said post. It is recommended to copy the post and then change accounts before pasting the information back into the entry field. If you mess up and are under your player account instead of your character account, simply add a new reply with the post under the correct account and the staff will delete the old one.
And that's it! You have successfully linked your character accounts!

Any questions may be posted within this forum as the staff is willing to help anyone and everyone who may have problems!

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