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 Canon List
 Posted: Apr 2 2012, 12:10 AM
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Canon Characters

available, reserved, taken

This is the available canon character list. What that means is those listed in the following posts are those that are or will be readily available. Each post has its own directions, and each note at the bottom of each post should be yielded with the same regard as any rule on the board. Mutants are not as prevalent in this universe as they are on other movieverse boards because the only movies that have grounds so far and in the future are Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. Any creative questions or directions should be PMed to an administrator or moderator, as well as any general questions. The key is located below, detailing who knows what and who is available at the moment. Each individual post contains the various canons available in our universe so far. Keep in mind more will be added over time as the plot progresses. If you are interested in placing a canon in a different member group please refer to the factions thread for more information on how to do this.

NOTE: Canons who are not listed may be PMed to the staff in regards to whether or not they will be allowed.[/b]

    Contact an Administrator
    Locked Character (Available at a later date.)
    Not Applicable
    Plot-Oriented (Locked NPC)

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 Posted: Apr 2 2012, 12:11 AM
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eximius vir

The Avengers aren't the only heroes in town. Nameless faces have begun to spring up across the world, bringing with them a retribution so powerful villains are next to powerless without support from one another. But most are considered vigilantes, hunted and imprisoned because of their choice to defend the world's people from harm. Most heroes work for the good guys, teaming up with the Avengers and each other when necessary, and most refusing to kill. The vigilantes, on the other hand, seem to find it appropriate to do what is necessary to get the job done. Luckily for the Avengers most if not all of them agree with their way of life, and their protocol is the only accepted. For now...
    American Eagle - Jason Strongbow
    Annex - Alexander Ellis
    Ant-Man - Henry Pym

    Black Cat - Felicia Hardy
    Black Crow - Jesse Black Crow
    Black Knight - Dane Whitman
    Black Panther - T'Challa
    Black Widow - Natalia Romanova
    Brother Voodoo - Jericho Drumm

    Cage, Luke
    Cat - Greer Nelson
    Captain America - Steve Rogers
    Captain Marvel - Mar-Vell
    Coldblood-7 - Eric Savin
    Cuckoo - Jasmine Destine
    Cybermancer - Suzi Endo

    Daredevil - Matthew Murdock
    Dark Angel - Shevaun Haldane
    Darkhawk - Chris Powell
    Doctor Druid - Anthony Druid
    Doctor Strange - Stephen Strange

    Elektra - Elektra Natchios
    Energizer - Katherine Power

    Falcon - Samuel Wilson
    Firebird - Bonita Juarez

    Geiger - Delilah Dearborn
    Ghost Rider - Johnathon Blaze
    Goliath - William Foster

    Hawkeye - Clint Barton
    Hellcat - Patsy Walker
    Hulk - Bruce Banner
    Hulkling - Theodore Altman/Dorrek VIII
    Human Torch - Jonathan Storm

    Invisible Girl - Susan Storm
    Iron Fist - Daniel Rand
    Iron Lad - Nathaniel Richards
    Iron Man - Anthony Stark

    Lightspeed - Julie Power

    Madame Webb - Cassandra Webb
    Mass Master - Jack Power
    Mayhem - Brigid O'Rielly
    Medusa - Alith Amaquelin
    Mockingbird - Barbara Morse
    Moon Knight - Marc Spector
    Mr. Fantastic - Reed Richards
    Ms. Marvel - Carol Danvers
    MVP - Michael Van Patrick

    Night Thrasher - Dwayne Taylor

    Odin - Odin Borson (*Board NPC)

    Pathway - Laura Dean
    Patriot - Elijah Bradley
    Prodigy - Richard GIlmore
    Punisher - Frank Castle

    Rage - Elvin Haliday

    Scarlet Scarab - Mehemet Faoul
    Shanna the She-Devil - Shanna O'Hara
    Shamrock - Molly Fitzgerald
    She-Hulk - Jennifer Walters
    Sif - Lady Sif
    Silverclaw - Maria De Guadalupe Santiago
    Speedball - Robert Baldwin
    Spider-Man - Peter Parker
    Spider-Woman - Jessica Drew
    Stature - Cassandra Lang
    Stardust - Lambda-Zero
    Starlight - Tania Belinsky
    Swordsman - Andreas von Strucker

    Texas Twister - Drew Daniels
    Thing - Benjamin Grimm
    Thor - Thor Odinson
    Thunderclap - Stanley Johnson
    Toxin - Patrick Mulligan
    Two-Gun Kid - Matthew Hawk

    Ultra-Girl - Suzana Sherman
    U.S. Agent - John Walker

    Valkyrie - Samantha Parrington
    Vision - Victor Shade
    Volcana - Marsha Rosenberg

    War Machine - James Rhodes
    Wasp - Janet van Dyne
    White Fang - Elizabeth Bondi

    Zero-G - Alexander Power
    Zombie - Simon Garth

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 Posted: Apr 2 2012, 12:11 AM
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Atrum malum

For every good person there is an evil one; for every ounce of evil in the universe, there is a villain behind it. These are the men and women people fear to speak the names of. Retribution in the purest form, each villain has some kind of vendetta against the world or are just inherently evil, driven because of some psychosis or another. Most can be reformed, not all can be saved. Villains are the opposition to the hero community and with the Avengers having formed they are getting more clever about how they use their time, including disappearing for some time to reemerge as bigger, badder destroyers. If they organize and ban together to stop the hero community dead in its tracks there's no telling what the future might hold for humanity.
    Absorbing Man - Carl Creel
    Anaconda - Blanche Sitznski

    Beetle - Abner Jenkins
    Beli (* Board NPC)
    Belladonna - Narda Ravanna
    Black Mamba - Tanya Sealy
    Bullseye - Lester
    Bushwacker - Carl Burbank

    Cadaver - Cody Fleischer
    Carnage - Cletus Kasady
    Cobra - Klaus Voorhees
    Constrictor - Frank Schlichting
    Corona - Dagny Forrester
    Count Nefaria - Count Luchino Nefaria
    Crimson Cowl - Justine Hammer
    Crimson Dynamo
    Crossbones - Brock Rumlow
    Cutthroat - Daniel Leighton
    Cyclone - Pierre Fresson

    Death Adder - Roland Burroughs
    Diablo - Esteban Corazón de Ablo
    Diamondhead - Archibald Dyker
    Doctor Doom - Victor von Doom
    Doctor Octopus - Otto Octavius

    Enchantress - Amora
    Executioner - Skurge

    Force - Clayton Wilson

    Graviton - Franklin Hall
    Green Goblin - Norman Osborn
    Grim Reaper - Eric Williams
    Grizzly - Maxwell Markham


    Iron Maiden - Melina Vostokoff

    Lizard - Curtis Connors
    Loki - Loki Laufeyson

    Madame Viper - Ophelia Sarkissian
    Matador - Manuel Eloganto
    Mathematic - Thomas Sorenson
    Melter - Bruno Horgan
    Montana - Jackson Brice

    Nightshade - Tilda Johnson

    Owl - Leland Owlsley

    Poison - Cecilia Cardinale
    Pretty Persuasions - Heidi Franklin
    Puppet Master - Phillip Masters

    Ramrod - Patrick Mahony
    Red Skull - Johann Shmidt (* Board NPC)
    Rhino - Aleksei Sytsevich
    Ringmaster - Maynard Tiboldt
    Ruckus - Clement Wilson

    Sandman - William Baker
    Scarecrow - Ebenezer Laughton
    Screaming Mimi - Melissa Gold
    Sidewinder - Seth Voelker
    Slyde - Jalome Beacher
    Styx - Jacob Eishorn

    Taskmaster - Tony Masters
    Tatterdemalion - Arnold Pattonroth
    Thousand - Carl King
    Titania - Mary MacPherran
    Tombstone - Lonnie Lincoln
    Trickshot - Buck Chisholm

    Underworld - Jackie Dio
    Unicorn - Milos Masaryk

    Vengeance - Michael Badilino
    Venom - Edward Brock
    Vermin - Edward Whelan

    Whiplash - Ivan Vanko
    Winter Soldier - James "Bucky" Barnes
    Wonder Man - Simon Williams

    X-Ray - James Darnell

    Zaran - Maximillian Zaran

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 Posted: Apr 3 2012, 07:06 PM
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Homo superior

Characters from the X-Men universe who are not on this list are considered inapplicable. If interest is expressed in a character not on the list a staff member may be consulted and a decision could be made on a case by case basis as to whether or not the character would fit on the board. Do remember that many of the mutant characters who are younger and not from the first generation may still be applicable, but only if they are not directly tied to characters who are depicted as younger (i.e. a normally older mutant is aged down, so their offspring could not exist). These characters are only applicable through special circumstances, such as taking them from an alternate time line if and when the plot arises, and integrating them that way. Make sure to PM a staff member if there are any questions as we are willing to help. When creating one of the original X-Men or those listed on the Factions list, keep in mind the first generation of X-Men are around mid- to late-twenties, while the second team would be around early twenties to mid-twenties. Those who are on the third list may be comprised of younger and older members, but none under the age of eighteen.
    Angel - Warren Worthington III
    Anole - Victor Borkowski
    Apocalypse - En Sabah Nur

    Banshee - Sean Cassidy
    Beast - Henry McCoy
    Bishop - Lucas Bishop
    Bling! - Roxanne Washington

    Cable - Nathan Summers
    Cannonball - Samuel Guthrie
    Captain Britain - Brian Braddock
    Catiana - Tatiana Cabian
    Chamber - Jonothon Starsmore
    Cloak - Tyrone Johnson
    Colossus - Piotr Rasputin
    Copycat - Vanessa Carlysle
    Cyclops - Scott Summers
    Cypher - Douglas Ramsey

    Dagger - Tandy Bowen
    Daken - Akihiro
    Darwin - Armando Muñoz
    Dazzler - Alison Blaire
    Deadpool - Wade Wilson
    Domino - Neena Thurman
    Dust - Sooraya Qadir

    Elixir - Joshua Foley
    Emma Frost
    Empath - Manuel de la Rocha
    Exodus - Bennet du Paris

    Fantomex - Charlie Cluster 7
    Feral - Maria Callasantos
    Firestar - Angelica Jones
    Freakshow - Kevin Ellsworth

    Gambit - Remy LeBeau
    Gentle - Nezhno Abidemi

    Havok - Alexander Summers
    Hellion - Julian Keller
    Husk - Paige Guthrie

    Iceman - Robert Drake

    Jubilee - Jubilation Lee
    Juggernaut - Cain Marko
    Justice - Vance Astrovik

    Kid Omega - Quentin Quire

    Lady Deathstrike - Yuriko Oyama

    M - Monet St. Croix
    Magma - Amara Aquilla
    Magneto - Erik Lehnsherr
    Marvel Girl - Jean Grey
    Marvel Girl II - Rachel Summers
    Mastodon - Elefante
    Match - Benjamin Hamil
    Maverick - Christopher Nord
    Mercury - Cessily Kincaid
    Mimic - Calvin Rankin
    Mister Sinister - Nathaniel Essex
    Mirage - Danielle Moonstar
    Multiple Man - James Madrox
    Mystique - Raven Darkholme

    Namor - Namor McKenzie
    Nightcrawler - Kurt Wagner
    Nixon, Kiden

    Omega Red - Arkady Rossovich
    Outlaw - Inez Temple

    Pixie - Megan Gwynn
    Polaris - Lorna Dane
    Professor X - Charles Xavier
    Psylocke - Elisabeth Braddock
    Pyro - St. John Allerdyce

    Quicksilver - Pietro Maximoff

    Rictor - Julio Richter
    Rockslide - Santo Vaccarro
    Rogue - Anna Marie

    Sabretooth - Victor Creed
    Scarlet Witch - Wanda Maximoff
    Shadowcat - Katherine Pryde
    Shatterstar - Gaveedra-7
    Silver Fox
    Skids - Sally Blevins
    Speed - Thomas Shepherd
    Stepford Cuckoos - Celeste, Phoebe, Mindee, Sophie & Esme Cuckoo
    Storm - Ororo Munroe
    Sunfire - Shiro Yoshida
    Sunspot - Roberto da Costa
    Surge - Noriko Ashida

    Trance - Hope Abbott
    Typhoid Mary - Mary Walker

    Unus the Untouchable - Angelo Unuscione
    Unuscione - Carmella Unuscione

    Voght, Amelia
    Vulcan - Gabriel Summers

    Wallflower - Laurie Collins
    Warpath - James Proudstar
    Washout - John Lopez
    Wiccan - William Kaplan
    Wild Child - Kyle Gibney
    Wither - Kevin Ford
    Wolfsbane - Rahne Sinclair
    Wolverine - James 'Logan' Howlett
    Wraith, John

    X-23 - Laura Kinney
    X-Man - Nate Grey

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 Posted: Apr 3 2012, 07:07 PM
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Insons insontis vita

Heroes, villains, and mutants... Oh my! What about the little people? They are the driving force behind villainous kidnappings and heroic rescues. Civilians are the structure in the lives of many a hero and villain, often displaying themselves in higher positions of authority or just as assistants to the bigger names. Without them the world would fall apart at the seams. They are the glue which holds a hero's life together, and the bread and butter for the perfect ploy to stir the evil in a villain's soul. Everything one would think about civilians has been proven false; they are just as important as the heroes, and if it weren't for them there would be no reason for good to fight against evil for the sake of the universe. At least not entirely.
    Betty Ross
    Darcy Lewis
    Erik Selvig
    Gwen Stacy
    Jane Foster
    Justin Hammer
    Katherine Bishop
    Maria Hill
    Moira MacTaggert
    Nicholas Fury
    Phillip Coulson
    Virginia "Pepper" Potts

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