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 Posted: Apr 2 2012, 12:09 AM
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which movies does Universal Initiative base itself around?

Our board only takes into account Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and the most recent The Amazing Spider-Man. In the future the staff will determine if the next movies (i.e. The Avengers) will come into play as considered board history. For the moment only the first six mentioned are considered appropriate for our timeline.

Do I need knowledge of a character's comic history to play?

It is recommended to know at least a bit about a canon character's history but for the purposes of the board many things will change. Some canons will be unavailable based on where the X-Men stand, and the same can be said for other characters. Remember: if you are unsure of where to put a canon there is always help available if necessary.

What happened to some of my IC threads/apps?

When a player leaves or a character goes inactive their application is moved to a hidden archive to protect the intellectual work of that application's creator. As issues have come up regarding the stealing of apps we protect the best interests of the writer. A returning player simply has to ask an administrator for their app back, in which it will be PMed to their existing player account for retrieval. In character threads which are hidden in their own archive are considered non-canon to the board's history, and thus are placed in archive to prevent confusion for current and future members.

Can I make an original character?

Right now we are declining all original characters. In the future this may change but it is not guaranteed. There are plenty of canon characters to go around, and taking a look at our canon list may prove beneficial.

May I alter a character's abilities?

If your character is young you may list future developments, however powers are to remain the same for a canon's. You may dampen them a little based on age and experience, but changing them outright is not an option, nor is giving a canon character new powers. It is recommended to go into detail about a character's power levels in their application so everyone can gain an understanding of what they can and cannot do.

Why are some of the mutant characters unavailable?

Because the X-Men are barely starting on the board and the Brotherhood has not yet been formed, some mutant characters are unable to exist in our current timeline. Younger mutants and the children of some mutants are not available for play (i.e. Cable because Goblyn Queen and Cyclops have to meet one another), though in the future these characters may become unlocked by time rifts or other such alternate dimension splits.

So is the board more "alternate universe"?

We are based heavily on the movies at the moment, though a lot of the information may need to be improvised based on what the characters and plot require. Some characters will have events occur in their histories that are acceptable, while others will need events made up to cover the missing portions of their lives.

Can I change the sexuality of a character?

Unfortunately no. If a character has been shown to have a set sexuality we want to keep it that way. Lesser known characters may receive leeway, but only if they are featured very little in the comics.

What about magic, outer space, time travel, dimension-hopping, etc.?

These things are acceptable to some degree, but even Loki (a master of the arcane arts) prefers to keep his magic a secret from those who are not aware of it. Only those who have been revealed as part of the Avengers and possess some level of magic use it openly. That's not to say the likes of the Scarlet Witch, Forge, or even Magik don't have their magical abilities. As for time travel, we prefer to keep it to a minimum and only use it for major plots. This is something that will affect the standing of the board if done on a massive scale and will open new possibilities in the future if used correctly and sparingly. Dimension-hoppers like Longshot, Shatterstar, and even those from other timelines such as Cable and Bishop, are only acceptable if the staff is approached first. Space exploration and aliens follow the same rules as dimension-hoppers, and will generally be brought in as part of a major plot.

Do the X-Men movies count/will they ever count?

X-Men: First Class is the only X-Men movie the staff draws some inspiration from, but do not use in its entirety. For the most part the first three movies and X-Men Origins: Wolverine do not take place in our board's plot history, nor does First Class.

Can I apply for an NPC the staff are using?

Unless where otherwise stated, you may. Simply contact a staff member in regards to what character you want and they will let you know whether or not you may have the NPC. You still have to apply for the character as you normally would for a playable character, and they will no longer be an NPC unless otherwise stated.

Why are some canon characters unavailable (like the mutants)?

The staff have combed through characters in the Marvel Universe and have decided which ones are applicable at the moment and which ones are not. There is a color codex for those listed at the beginning of the canon list thread. More canons will become available after plots have unlocked them, though some which are not listed on the canon list may be applied for given direction and permission from the staff. Simply PM a staff member to request reasoning why they have been left off, and remember the staff may deny a character not on the canon list at any point in time with valid reasons.

One of the board wides introduced aliens. Does this mean we can create aliens now?

Certain alien canons are available for play (i.e. Captain Marvel, Warlock, etc.). However some characters are still unavailable. Please check the CANON LIST for more alien characters who may be available at this time. Dimension-hoppers and time-travelers are still considered locked until future notice.

This list of questions and answers is subject to change at any time. If you have any questions which have not been addressed here please direct them to the Questions & Help forum and we will add them to the list if they are asked many times.

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