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 Rules & Regulations
 Posted: Mar 31 2012, 12:28 AM
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Board Guidelines


Be sure to read all rules and information before registering. We want you to know what you're getting yourself into by joining the board, and whether or not you're capable of handling the character in question. The staff will make announcements periodically with information that you need to know so keep an eye out on the Announcements forum. Make sure not to take work from UI and use it elsewhere unless permission is given, and do not copy/paste from Marvel sites of any kind for applications or for posts (unless you can prove you wrote them yourself).


Do not troll, spam or flame. Do not be mean to other members of the board. Just because you're angry at someone does not mean you can take it out on them on the board, either ICly or OOCly. If there is an issue please direct it to the administration for resolution; don't take it upon yourself to solve. This also includes conduct outside of public forums (i.e. PM, e-mail, IM, etc.), and is not limited to online forms of communications. Respect the chat box. No spamming, no advertising, no fighting, and please keep the conversation relatively clean. Do not bug other people for posts; give them time because they have lives outside the Internet and should be able to post at their leisure.


We are a mature board, but this does not mean we allow all mature material. There will be violence and language, as well as certain adult situations, but we do not allow full sexual displays in threads. These break the TOS of Jcink and will be deleted if seen. A tasteful "fade to black" is recommended for threads of an adult sexual nature. No one under the age of thirteen may register on the board or play here considering what Jcink's Terms of Service are. In terms of language, your character should not be using expletives every other word unless it is expected of their nature. The same goes for out of character speech as well.


Universal Initiative is a collaborative role-playing game, in which characters depend upon the building of stories with others to really flourish and grow. As such, when a member leaves the board for whatever reason, their applications are archived and hidden from public view so as to protect the written content, and their non-IC threads are moved to the archives as well. However, all threads which are considered canon to the board will remain and are necessary to stay. With that in mind, by applying here and agreeing to the rules of the board, you (the player) give us permission to use some of your ideas for anything Universal Initiative-related.

However, we will not use this information nor your direct copied words without your express permission. Your intellectual property is still yours, but you are giving us permission to use it first and foremost. This is a non-profit game, in which we do not claim ownership to canons, Marvel storyline, or the like. Anything original does remain original to the creators who first wrote it.


If you are registering for your first character make sure to create a "player" account using whatever name you want to be known as on the board (i.e. Anna, Brandy, etc.). This account will be changed to "Player" by the staff once a post has been made in this thread letting us know. Then register your character's account with your character's First and Last name in correct capitalization, or their Codename in the proper case. Anything that is registered otherwise will be deleted. This includes adding middle names. You will then be required to link your accounts via the "Sub Account" feature offered by Jcink, in which more information may be found here.


Character reservations last five days from the date posted. Posting an application also counts as a reservation, in which the staff will add said character to the reservations list with the reservation starting from the day the application was posted. You must wait three days between re-reserving the same character, giving others a chance to create an application and try for said character. An extension for a canon may be requested if one of the following sections is completed: personality, powers, history, role-play sample. Extensions are granted for three days.


There is no maximum for the amount of characters one can play, however we would like you to pace yourself. You may not apply or reserve two characters at the same time, but you may apply for another character once you have the previous one accepted. We simply want you to be active with all characters. The staff reserves the right to deny a new character to any player based on their activity and whether or not they are keeping up with the characters they have. All canons, no matter how well-known or not, are important and we do not want players "camping" on characters. Be active, and have fun!


We do not accept original characters. Sorry. Most original characters are not so original and there are plenty of canons to go around.


The staff keeps track of activity via activity checks, which are monthly and done at the beginning of the next month. Activity checks will last a maximum of one week (seven days), and all players are required to respond with their player accounts. More information will be given within the activity checks themselves when they are posted, as some of the guidelines may change over time.


When creating a new character please choose your groups wisely. Do not have all of your characters in the Hero group or the Villain group or even the Unaffiliated. Mix it up a bit and help us even them out. When a character group has become too massive the groups themselves may be limited or open to only certain characters.


This board is a movie-verse based board, which means some characters will have a preset actor or actress for the play-by. If two characters from the movies share a play-by then it's a first come first served basis. Example: Hannibal King (should we allow Blade characters in the future) and Wade Wilson share the play-by Ryan Reynolds. However some characters, such as Captain America, are better known and more important than others from the previous Marvel movies which have no hold in our timeline or universe. Actors such as Chris Evans (Captain America) would go to the player of Captain America over that of the Human Torch, no matter who registered first. If you want to change the movie play-by of your character then please contact an administrator so that we may discuss it and see if the play-by fits. Play-bys from the movies we consider canon for Universal Initiative are non-negotiable (this includes Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., etc.).


We have a canon list which contains our playable characters at present, in the near future, or who will show up later on as NPCs. However, we know sometimes players like characters who are not listed and if that is the case Anna should be contacted in regards to the unlisted character. You may ask about a canon character within the Questions & Help forum, or via PM after registering a Player account to ask your questions privately. Certain canons do not fit into this world due to the timeline of events, by contradicting our plot, or they simply have little information to make them work without having to make up details for them, thereby making the character original in some respects.


You are allowed to have an avatar, but make sure your avatar is no more and no less than 200x300 pixels. There are to be no images within the application aside from those which may already be present. Graphics for the rest of the board should not exceed 450 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall. Signatures may be text only; images found within the signature will be removed, even if the image itself is text-based.


Canon characters who have bigger names (i.e. Professor X, Magneto, Thor, Odin, etc.) will be reviewed heavily and more so than some of the lesser known characters. The English language, including spelling and grammar, must be taken into account, though usually we aren't sticklers for this kind of thing. When creating an application please list the character's Codename as the Title, and their Last Name, First Name as the topic description. If they do not possess a codename simply list their last name, first name as the title and the description as ---. All sections of the application must be written in your own words and may not be directly copied and pasted from another site. Please remember to write all sections in third person, past tense. Use as much description as possible and fill out each section completely.

All characters must be approved before play is permitted. If you do not wait before posting in character the character will be deleted without notification from the staff. At least one administrator is required to stamp the application after reviewing it (even if a moderator does the review), and all edits are asked for according to necessity and are usually very reasonable. More than one staff member may request to review an application beyond the first administrative review.


No less than four hundred words must be included in an in character post at any time. We like good spelling and grammar but we're not going to be Grammar Nazis about it. Try to avoid many typos and grammar mistakes in one post. Do not copy and paste anything other than dialog from another player's post into your own, and even so do this sparingly. This includes description and the way a character may respond. Only the dialog between the "" symbols may be copied (or other symbols if telepathic speech).

All posts must be in third person, past tense, and all posts must contain the "Continued From" and "To Be Continued" tags at the first post your character makes in the thread, and the last post. For instance, Loki has just joined a thread, so the top of his first post contains "CF: Thread Name Here" or "First Post" if it is his first post on the board. In the last post he makes before leaving a thread he would put "TBC: Thread Name Here" or "Exit Loki; TBC: TBA". This helps us organize the thread master list and gives members an idea of where their character is on personal timelines.


Do not make a thread which tags another character unless that player gives authorization to do so. Try to avoid creating more threads than you can handle. Inactive threads will be archived after sixty days of no activity, but you may have a thread restored if the staff is contacted. If two or more characters are posted by the same player in the same thread, they must use their respective character accounts and are required to meet the full four hundred word count requirement.


Because NPCs have such a small part to play the staff will create NPCs for the board based on characters which are either necessary, or have a small supporting role. They are not required to have applications, but may be used for a time at staff discretion. Players may create nameless, faceless NPCs for use in threads (such as thugs, soldiers, etc.), but may not use existing canons in the Marvel Universe as an NPC in threads unless given express permission by the staff.


Unless a player gives you permission to use their character for small things (i.e. transportation) you should not control them. This means movement, speech, thoughts, reactions, etc. In fighting play nice and give the other player a chance to respond. Do not assume your hits always land and theirs always miss. Make sure to ask a player for permission to use their character even in a small way. Doing it through PM is the best way of going about this and helps keep everything in order. Making mention of the other player's permission in your own post is appreciated. Discussing all prospective actions over PM helps the thread immensely and deters disagreements in the future.

Information that may be likely for time-travelers or other canons of the same sort to know should be used sparingly. Just because they are from the future does not mean they know everything that will happen, and this will detract from the game itself if used too much. Should a player wish to use information they have learned out of character, and it is likely for the canon in question to know this information somehow in the game, please contact a staff member so we can discuss and give the go ahead.


You may not kill another character unless the player of that character and the administration gives permission to do so. If a character is killed through plot reasoning or it is feasible and useful, then it may happen with staff and member permission. We do not allow characters to come back from the dead as death is considered permanent here. Once you make the decision there is no going back on it. Keep in mind that we do not let pregnancies or other major events occur unless you have staff permission. This will prevent anyone in the future that is registering from having to adapt to a major event like that if they don't want to. All events that are considered board history, however, must be acknowledged regardless of how the future members feel. The staff may redact the event in question though this rarely ever happens unless the character had little to no interaction on the board. We have this rule on major events in place because the characters are canons and the ability for others to pick them up in the future will have impact on how the canon should remain, both on the board and to the new player.

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