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 Reminiscing, [ one-shot ]
 Posted: Oct 14 2012, 11:56 AM
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Another typical day at school had ended. Typical for Peter Parker involved one upping whatever teacher ended up in charge of his class, giving his lunch money to Flash Thompson, getting a football to the back of his head, his books being knocked to the ground although he did evade getting smashed into his locker today so it wasn’t a total loss. The highlight of it all, he got a picture of a certain someone during his free period, some would call it stalking, but he called it capturing beauty in action. Mesmerized by the picture within his camera, he nearly walked straight into his front door but caught himself just in time. He opened the door without much attention being attributed to it and absently tossed a folder onto the small round dining table by the stairs not noticing Uncle Ben and Aunt May sitting next to it. “Well hello Peter, yeah me and your Aunt May have had a delightful day, how about you?” He asked in the most genuine tone he could muster up, a sarcastic smile forming on his face.

Peter snapped out of his trance and shut down his camera the moment he noticed Aunt May creeping towards him, curious to see what absorbed his attention. “Oh, hi Uncle Ben… Aunt May. There’s my report card.” He said half-heartedly. Uncle Ben turned his attention towards the folder and used a table knife to open it up; the smile crept on his face at the sight of the notes printed onto it. “A ninety seven percent in biology, you know, you remind me so much of your father Peter. He was smart too; a biologist… but you already knew that… actually… I think we have some of his old notes.” That perked up Peter’s attention. They never talked much about his parents… well he never brought it up and they were content with not mentioning it if he never asked. “Would you… like that?” Uncle Ben asked, hesitating with the proposal. Parker practically screamed “Would I? Of course! I thought we didn’t have anything left of his old things, I thought… I thought.” A re-assuring hand on his shoulder calmed him down.

Ben smiled, and led his nephew into the basement, going to darkest most corners of the spider infested cave, he pushed away a bunch of boxes before pulling out a single one that read “RICHARD AND MARY PARKER”. A loud puff and a cloud of dust escaped the box. He removed the tape sealing the whole thing and then got back up to a vertical base. “This is probably something you wanna’ do alone, if you need me, I’ll be in the dining room with your aunt.” He explained and then left him alone. Peter’s mouth remained fully opened, what he’d discover in the box would remain between himself and his parents.
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