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 relieving tension, tag:: OPEN
Black Widow
 Posted: Mar 17 2013, 04:30 PM
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Setting the safety back on, Natasha lowered her gun slowly and pressed a large button on the wall to her partitioned section of the gun range. The muffled sound of other shots increased to an uproar as she pulled off her headphones to let them rest around her neck, watching the paper-target drift along the ceiling runners towards her. She unclipped it and examined the damage. Her groupings were close bringing a small satisfied twitch to her lips. Three in the forehead, two in each hand, another 5 in the centre of the chest. Not a bad result at all. Scrunching it up into a ball, she threw the target into the trash, collected up her gun, and empty cartridge and took them back to the firearms desk. Handing everything (including her headphones over), she nodded, thanked them, signed herself out and, scooping up her bag, headed out.

Next stop: the gym. She liked training in the firing range but how still she stood had a tendency to make her restless for more. So with her gym kit over her shoulder, the infamous Black Widow got into the lift and watched the number increase over the heads of other agents. Training was always a good distraction for her. From her own head more than anything. No one or thing judged Natasha so hard as herself. Perhaps others, with more perspective, might believe she had done enough to atone, enough to tip the scales back the other way, but she did not. It was never enough. So she planned to deal with emotions how she always did...push them back, and punch something.

After a quick change into sweat-pants and a tank top in the changing rooms, Natasha ran a hand back through her scarlet hair and entered the gym stretching her arms. She hesitated however at the odd sight. There was no one there. She was fairly certain she could count on one hand the amount of times she’d seen the gym empty. Shaking it off, she began stretching each arm across her body as she bee-lined for the fridge. Removing a bottle of water, she headed for the suspended punching bag and exhaled slowly.

She started easy, focusing on movement, starting light and active on her feet, never entirely still before she threw a few punches. They quickly accelerated, each becoming faster, sharper and with a great deal more strength behind them. She moved in for a flurry of punches before backing off again. Her pulse picked up soon enough, breathing a little harder with her work out finally throwing a punch to one side to swing the bag before turning sharply for a spinning hook kick to slam in the other side.
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